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does himiko like tenko

I mean, being BORING and being OBNOXIOUS are different things (especially since Himiko isn't too boring), and the latter one is much, MUCH more serious crime. "I-I want t-to t-tell you s-something," I said as she . She's funnier then most of the guy's and her relationship with Himiko and how she always wants to protect her is so sweet to me. Seriously? Tomura technically has the most Quirks in the series. ~ Tenko Chabashira to Himiko Yumeno before the séance.

Himiko's relationship with her parents was very poor. "Thank you Himiko!" Tenko said. Like most of her allies, Himiko has stated that she finds life to be difficult for the current world and wants to make it an easier place to live in. Also, with Tenko thinks males are dangerous and females are delicate she needs a good reminder that the . From doing so, Tenko determined that Himiko didn't show her emotions all the time because she was too shy and claimed that it was a waste as she claimed that Himiko had "the richest heart of all". Through their efforts, they successfully . himiko and kokichi really didnt have enough interaction and kokichi lied about liking himiko ⚠️spoilers!⚠️. Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2: Absent: 237. Huh?

Not a strong one, but using her in game magic, she managed to freeze the opposition for just long enough for Angie to heal Tenko. Anonymous asked: (Tenko/Himiko anon here) I really didn't expect another detailed analysis wow- Although I'm kind of sad the team of five probably wouldn't have worked in a normal V3, I'm still a bit curious about a UTDP AU, even though I don't know if there is much to talk about aside from what you already said. Oumeno is the het ship between Kokichi Oma and Himiko Yumeno from the Danganronpa fandom. "I was the one killed Yonaga. Up until she died, she didn't care much for her. anonymous said: Tenko's obsession with Himiko was absolutely creepy and she's a complete hypocrite as well considering what she's doing is the typical 'degenerate male' behavior she's against I mean if it was a guy obsessed with Himiko like that she wouldn't stand for it. They were disgusted by their daughter's blood interest since she was a child, and demanded her to stop such behavior and simply be "normal". Himiko didn't really care for Tenko.

in chapter 3 kokichi was picking the lock and himiko got pink cheeks and kokichi doesnt seem to like himiko that much and besides kokichi likes shuichi besides tenko would probably kill kokichi if himiko and kokichi were together and I prefer saiouma and Tenmiko I really just . They did everything they could to suppress her "abnormal" tendencies, putting immense effort to repress it. Post-Tenko. Yumeno replies expressing . Before the second trial in Chapter 2 Tenko assumed that Kokichi might've had a crush on Himiko as she believed the rumor that if a boy teases/bullies a girl it means they might have feelings for them. Answer (1 of 15): *cracks knuckles* Here we go: Canonically LGBT without spoilers: * Teruteru Hanamura - seems to have perverse affection toward women but has stated he doesn't mind men (bisexual) * Korekiyo Shinguji - this counts if you take into account his statement in the Love Hotel in w. Himiko didn't even get a chance to fully reply before being thrown down on the tatami mat hard, just like Tenko did to Shuichi. I personally don't think Himiko and Tenko is a good ship at all. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin: Appears: 238. She says she wants to be "a cute and magical girl like Himiko, but she can't cast magic and she isn't cute, either". -First, her CHARACTER.

I know I've said this before, but I think you're cute, Tenko. Liberation: Appears: If you want to see a literally bad character, look no further- it's Tenko. it appears that Himiko does possess some standards, . That's an interesting idea. though she claims that her feelings for her are only pure and nothing like the way males think. Himiko nodded.

. See more posts like this on Tumblr. . . Do you hate Tenko? Tomura is one of the few people revealed to be descendants of the 3 most infamous villains: All For One, Destro, and Oji Harima. B-But I can't cast spells like Himiko, and I'm not cute like her either. Tenko asked as I started to hiccup and I fell to the floor and started to sob. However, Tenko is also shown to act embarrassed and panicky if Himiko points out her possible attraction to girls, and she seems to be shy about telling Himiko about it. In Tomura's case, he is the adopted son of All For One, the only descendant not blood related to their predecessor. . Himiko felt proud of herself, she managed to save her new friend.

She even yells at Himiko at one point for hurting herself bottling all her feelings in. Tenmiko is the femslash ship between Tenko Chabashira and Himiko Yumeno from the Danganronpa fandom. .

"It's ok Himiko let it all out sometimes you have to let out like laughing,or crying,or madness," Tenko said as I held her and sobbed.

"I-I m-m-miss h-him s-s-so m-much," I said as Tenko bent down and hugged me. Tenko is shown to be very interested in Himiko since the first chapter. Or maybe you kin her? I know I'm not a guy but Tenko is my third DRv3 favorite character. Hey ho! This article covers information about Tenko Chabashira's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Monokuma read the back, and let out a small "phuhuhu!". So I killed Yonaga so that we could all be happy in heaven." . but it really does feel like Tenko died mainly because Angie's death alone wouldn't have been enough for Himiko to become more active since that was mostly Angie taking over, and there . Tenko was getting attacked by a bunch of level 99's. Luckily, she was a Mage. I did it because I couldn't stand being without Tenko.

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Notably, she is the only other student who seems to genuinely believe in Himiko's magic and just like her she keeps insisting that she is a real mage instead of a . Anonymous asked: What is the relationship between Himiko and Tenko? She even grows to like Shuichi as a person and even tries to work together with Kaito in chapter 1 to try and destory the mastermind.

In her dojo, she says Neo aikido uses your physical force to connect with your mental stability or something like that, and then Tenko tries to help Himiko with her inability to express her emotions and Shuichi's lack of confidence. like kiais, energy exchange and expressing yourself through your body and this takes her to the topic of how Yumeno is embarassed of expressing herself.

I swear that this is a joke, don't take it seriously, please and thank you! Tenko proceeds to get super flustered and starts stuttering out why she likes Himiko. #answered ask #anon #danganronpa killing harmony #yumeno himiko #tenmiko #himiko x tenko #himiko x angie #yumaga #posts 80 to 90 More you might like

Well, let's find out what Tenko thinks of YOU! The wheel landed on a dark brown card, looking like a paint chip. Himiko gulped. Do you like Tenko? I really like Himiko after Angie and Tenko die, but that's due to the fact she's the only comic character left standing after a while so she gets all the funny lines and scenes, which her English VA does a great job with, rather than her actual character development. Like the bunch did already, the worst character isn't Himiko. I know Graxb frrzf gb or ebznagvpnyyl vagrerfgrq va Uvzvxb.Ohg vg'f hapyrne ubj Uvzvxb srryf .

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does himiko like tenko